About Us

The Origins

Thank you for stopping by Kulinarius.tv ! A place for reviews and blogs about the best of the best professional applications on the social internet!

Hi my name is Linda Aguilera. A 24 year old part time blogger, part time anime enthusiasts, and a semi computer programmer! I’m the owner and sole writer of this blog! It’s a little fun place where I share my thoughts and opinions on different professional assistant software, like accounting tools, SEO applications, and a lot more! I also sometimes blog about different stories and travel adventures of myself.

When I was 9  years old, my father would tell me of how I would be a great writer one day. They recall how cute and conversational I can be ever since I was 6 year old. My mom used to tell me stories that I would pretend that I’m selling my toys to them, and telling them stories of how great it was to play with, so just that they will be encouraged to buy me a new one! Great job younger me!

My friends know me as someone who loves to read, and play computer games! A geek who reads manga and absolutely adores anime. I just love food, especially a coffee and a donuts. That’s why I write my reviews in a way that my readers will feel like they’re just sitting down for a cup of coffee and talking with their friend about suggestions and opinions on a product they’re interested in

I’m guessing that the reason you stumbled upon my blog is that you are looking for some comments and suggestions on software applications and try to make sense of what would best suit  your needs, well look no further as I have multiple reviews posted already and more to come!

I started blogging while I was still finishing my bachelors in economics. It was a fun little hobby of mine that dates back to my younger years in high school, though back then, I was just writing stories and plots that I think about during my free time.

At first I was doing simple blogs and reviews about whatever piques my interest, liek anime reviews, how to start a website, and even things like reviewing mangas and books that I like! Shirley, a friend of mine suggested that I should create a real blogging site since my reviews and writing style somewhat piques the interest of my peers. I remember her coming to my dorm and staring me in the eye like a madman, and convincing me that blogging would be a great profession for me. So I started first writing for local shops and businesses, creating blogs for their websites and studied SEO. As I built my experience writing for different topics and niches, I was doing some reviews on the side. I started reviewing things like gadgets, toys, and even games! But what really got my blog goings is reviewing online tools for businesses and digital marketing.

As the months went by, I started applying and getting into affiliate marketing. This made my blogs a legit  profitable business. A lot of software and companies would email me to review and try out their softwares.

I also started blogging about how to use these softwares to their full potential, providing tips and tricks to ensure that my readers get the best out of their purchase. I also do samples of real world applications, wherein I showcase professional using these tools in their professional settings

Right now, I established about 3 different blogs that cover a multitude of applications. I hope that you check out my site often, and learn a thing or two. Have a great time!